Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hello there. If anyone is there. I'm Claudia Rose - languages student, foodie, photographer and lover of the outdoors.
Welcome to my blog!

As a languages student (I study German and Italian), I spend my third year of university abroad in order to improve my language skills and so on - well, that starts for me pretty soon! I've started writing this blog to document my travels abroad starting in the next couple of weeks.  

So, September through to February I'll be studying in Bologna, Italy; and following that I'll be studying in Jena, Germany. But before all that, I'm going to spend this August as an au pair helping out a family living near Milan, Italy. 

It's all really exciting but really bloody nerve wracking - there is SO much left for me to sort out, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get there!

Oh, and here's me:

Toodles for now! x

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