Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My First Night In L'Italia.

So. Here I am! I have been in this wonderful country for about 11 hours now, after a long tiring journey down to London on the train yesterday and my early start this morning that got me here at 10.30am local time. 

My train journey wasn't too bad, admittedly (y'know, having survived misplacing the booked-in-advance tickets I'd had posted to me, and the panic I felt when the train I was supposed to be getting no longer seemed to exist, and navigating my large suitcase (finally managed to pack it, that is -19.3kg baby!) up and down and across several platforms). Piece of cake. Last night I checked into a cute little hotel by the name of Little Foxes (that's what drew me in), which I also thoroughly recommend: lovely hosts, comfy bed and a shower that works. All that I ever ask for!

Unfortunately I was awake half an hour early at 3.30am English time for some ungodly reason (and hence why I napped here this afternoon). A quick transfer to Gatwick, a soggy sausage bap from a place to eat there (whose name I won't mention as I usually love the place) and a bumpy flight later, two of my lovely hosts B and G picked me up at Milan. Phew. 

I admit that when I was sat at my departure gate back at Gatwick this morning, I was suddenly having my doubts. It was a bit of a dear god what am I doing?! moment, but after queuing for ages and then sitting in the plane for 20 minutes before we even began our long taxi down the runway (our lady pilot (and I mention that she was a lady because I've not been flown by a lady pilot before and I was impressed) was not kidding when she said it would be a long taxi out (her co-pilot was also a lady, guys)), I began to relax a little bit. In fact, as we landed I had a different moment - for those of you who've seen Tangled (and if you haven't - watch it!), when she leaves the tower and is going I can't believe I did this!!!!.....I can't believe I did this.....I can't believe I did this!!!! - yep, that was my moment. 

And I'm so glad that that awful doubting moment right before I left the UK has gone, because so far I've had a great time. I mean, today I've had three coffees. THREE. I normally have less than that in a week! And I could definitely get used to it. 

Having finally remembered to dish out the typical English foodbits that I'd brought along (see previous post, I also added the essential Percy Pigs), I've now retired to the lovely room they've put me up in, and boy, I cannot wait to fall asleep.....


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