Friday, 19 September 2014


Oops! Guess it's been a little while since I last we go anyway! This is just a little one to keep you going.

I've now been in the UK about two and a half weeks, and it's been great. When I arrived home I was welcomed with a cake my sister had made me, and that same night I went out with the family for dinner - lovely! Here's my cake:

Such a cutie, my sis.

I spent my last few days in Milan not only doing the usual bits and bobs - English lessons, helping cook, playing with the girls - but also barely being able to contain my excitement to go home. I missed England whilst I was away, which was one more reason why it was nice to meet a friend from England, who I'd not seen since we first met three years ago, in Milan on the final Sunday. We'd actually met in Germany on an exchange organised by the UK-German Connection (Google 'em). We mooched around near the cathedral, had lunch, a gelato and a cocktail, and it was nice to catch up, especially as we were chatting in English!

I've managed to pack a lot into the short time I've been home. I caught up with a couple of friends I'd not seen in a while, baybsat for an entire weekend, went to London for high tea (birthday present from a bestie - thank you bestie!), began preparing for the next stage of my year abroad, my boyfriend came to stay for a few days and not to mention the wee bash I had for my upcoming 21st birthday (it was not 'wee' in the slightest, and my birthday is actually at the end of the month when I'm already in Italy!). It has been just lovely!

And now that all of my friends are going back to uni or going abroad or starting new jobs, I can no longer be distracted by anything and get onto packing. Orrrrr not. As I've talked about before, I'm not good at concentrating on packing, so I've been trying to make a list. Obviously there's clothes, and socks, and pants (I'll probably forget these). But there's other things to think about too - for example, even though the weather maybe still be warm some days, I'm spending my entire autumn and winter away, which means I also have to think about things like my winter cot, a scarf, thicker socks and long sleeved jammies. And where do my home comforts (tea and marmite, guys) fit into this?! You see my problem.

So said next part of my adventures begins on Tuesday. Mum and I are traveling down south to stay near the airport for the night, as I'm getting an early morning flight on Wednesday. When I get to Bologna I'll be heading straight for my new home and meeting the bunch of complete strangers I'll be spending the next approximately five months with (or possibly not, the last time I asked, about three weeks ago, there were not any other tenants...gulp). Scary stuff, but how I am looking forward to it. My language-studying friends have been writing their own blogs (loving these guys) and posting photos on Facebook of their adventures that have already started and I'm green with envy! I hope it's going to turn out as good for me as it has for them.

This really is a bit of a short update, as I've bullied myself into writing this evening so that I wouldn't drop out of the habit entirely. In the next few days I'll be writing a sort-of review on my au pair experience (just thoughts really) and then getting into my extensively boring packing routine - it's going to be thrilling.

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Ciao for now!


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